Our Mission Statement

“Build integrity with our customers by providing the highest level of service, on time delivery and superior quality products.”

Garfield Tools was established in 1954 in the city of Los Angeles. Over the years we have evolved from tools and die stamping to die casting and plastic injection. In order for Garfield Tools to stay competitive, we sought the source of over-seas manufacturing. The only problem with that was quality control and reliability of the source. We decided instead, to go directly to Taishan China and have manufacturing control. This was the only way we felt we could control the quality of our products that is demanded by our customers. At that location there are over 80 engineers & tool makers and 20 plus administrative workers. The corporate offices, which is located in South Gate, California, has a team of tool makers & engineers to support our customers locally.

Outside the gates of the China production facility, Brookshire/Garfield Tools
  • Local facility has 25,000 sq. ft.
  • China facility has 70,000 sq. ft.
  • Prompt quotations
  • Quotations include duty and all fees landed in South Gate, CA
  • Weekly progress reports supplied with photos of work in progress
  • First articles shipped by air at no charge
  • Smooth communication – English spoken at both locations
  • Mold design and layout submitted prior to production
  • No middle man or broker
  • Full molds or inserts
  • Containers leave 2-3 times per month – average 3 weeks on ocean
  • Numerous industry references available
Brookshire/Garfield Tools Machinery

Please note we have no need to source production to various fabricators in order to develop complete molds since we own our own factory in China, staffed by our own employees that were trained by our American Employees. The result is a superior product at a very competitive price. You are basically getting U.S. quality at an outsourced price; plus we back our tooling 100%. Sampling is done in China and first articles are air shipped overnight at no charge. Any adjustments, changes, modifications after that are done at our South Gate facility. Mold components are top U.S. brands or Asian equivalents built to S.A.E. not metric standards. We welcome the opportunity to have you work with our sales and engineering staff with the goal of developing a mutually beneficial relationship.